Flight Information

Bookmark this page for up to the minute information during the event about balloon flights throughout the event. All flights are weather permitting. Flight decisions begin an hour or so before the flight but continue right up to launch. Please bear in mind that wind patterns and speed can affect launches just as much as rain. Your best bet for launch information is to watch this page.

Friday July 15th – Morning Launch – 6:30am – COMPLETED

Friday July 15th – Evening Launch – 6:30pm – PILOT DISCRETION FLIGHT

Friday July 15th – Night Glow – DUSK – COMPLETED

Saturday July 16th – Morning Launch – 6:30am

Flight is a go!

Saturday July 16th – Evening Launch – 6:30am

 Flight is a go! The winds are very gentle so the balloons won’t travel far. They will head east from the park. 

Saturday July 16th – Night Glow – DUSK

Sunday July 17th – Morning Launch – 6:30am

Flight is a go. Balloons will be headed north from the park!


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