One of the questions we get asked most often is how do I get a balloon ride?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer paid rides at the event. Part of this is due to insurance and licensing reasons, and the other part is due to the limited number of balloons and the unpredictability of weather during the event. We have many businesses who help sponsor the event, including many who are “Balloon” sponsors who donate $3,000 or more.  As a thank you to them we offer them a ride. We want to be sure that they get to ride, and if the weather is bad this could be difficult if we also offer paid rides.

If you would like a balloon ride, our suggestion is that you contact a local balloon pilot for a paid ride during a time other than the Jubilee. There are several balloonists  in the area with commercial balloon licenses who do offer paid rides. If you would like a list of local pilots who offer paid rides, you can use the contact us form for this information. Please know before contacting them that the cost  is usually around $250-300 per person for a flight.