2015 Sponsors

We are currently recruiting sponsors for the 2015 event. Thank you for your support!

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People Making the Difference

The Jubilee is always looking for people to help out! We can use people in many areas, here are some examples:

Set Up

It takes nearly 36 hours to set up for the Jubilee. Equipment is put in place, fences are erected, vendors are set up, and the event location is made ready for the balloons and the public. As you can imagine this takes quite a bit of manpower.


The Jubilee utilizes over a hundred volunteers over the course of the weekend. We do our best to make sure that those volunteers are well taken care of. The Hospitality team cooks meals, delivers water, and in general takes care of the volunteers.


We are going to need this more now than ever. The move back to the park means two things: First we expect larger crowds. Secondly, our we will be parking cars in several different areas. We need people who are willing to help direct traffic and help people park.

Information Booth

This is a new thing we are starting this year. We want to have a manned booth throughout the event where people can get their questions answered. Where can I find Laura the elephant? What times are the launches? How many calories are in an elephant ear? OK, so maybe we won’t have all of the answers, but we’re hoping to help with most of them. Use the form below to let us know that you are interested in helping. A representative from the Jubilee will be in contact with you shortly.

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 Set-Up Hospitality Parking Information Booth Balloon Crew (limited spaces available) Observer (limited spaces available)  VIP Hosting Tear Down

Other Areas I could help in:

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Event Schedule

The schedule for 2015 is still a work in progress. Below is last year’s schedule which will give you an idea of what will happen when. Updates for 2015 are coming soon!

Please understand that we are an outdoor event and that the schedule may need to change sue to weather. All balloon launches are weather permitting and the times are subject to change based on the weather. Our Flight Information page will be kept up to date during the event with information on flights.

Friday, July 18

  • 6:30am Good Morning Jackson Launch (flight info here)
  • 4pm Event Opens
  • Craft Booths, Concessions, Carnival
  • 4-7pm Kids Kingdom
  • 4-10pm Laser Shows at Hurst Planetarium ($3 admission, shows every half hour)
  • 4-5:30pm Entertainment: Ghost Rider DJ
  • 5:30-6:30pm Entertainment: Steve Berkemeier
  • 6:30pm Evening Launch(flight info here)
  • 7-8:30pm Entertainment: Kung Fu Diesel
  • 9:30pm Night Glow

Saturday, July 19

  • 6:30am Morning Launch (flight info here)
  • 8am Auto Show Sign-in
  • 10am Carnival/Craft Booths/Concessions Open
  • 12-6pm Kids Kingdom Open
  • 1pm-10pm Laser Shows at Hurst Planetarium ($3 admission, shows every half hour)
  • 2-5pm Ella Sharp Museum Open (Admission by donation)
  • 3-4:15pm Entertainment: Taylor Tucky
  • 4:15-5:15pm Entertainment: Detroit Pistons Drum Line
  • 5:15-6:45pm Entertainment: Rattlesnake Conspiracy
  • 6:30pm Evening Balloon Launch (flight info here)
  • 7:45-9pm Entertainment: Mojo Phoenix
  • 9:30pm Night Glow

Sunday, July 20

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